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Is Slovakia ready for 2019’s Top Ten Risks?

  • 14.01
  • 12:03

BRATISLAVA-As 2019 begins, how well is Slovakia prepared for — let alone aware of — the top ten risks facing the world? A recent report widely read by business and government leaders ranks today’s biggest global threats, as identified by a think tank called the Eurasia Group.


Cioppino: Seafood Stew, San Francisco Style

  • 02.01
  • 15:07

CALIFORNIA-After living in Slovakia now for almost three years, it’s super special for me to return for Christmas holidays to my native California and enjoy the taste of our culinary treasures, one of which I would like to share with you today.


What’s at stake for Slovakia in G20’s Buenos Aires Summit?

  • 30.11
  • 14:43

BRATISLAVA-Slovakia has a lot at stake in Buenos Aires this weekend but not at any soccer stadium.


Trump’s Tariffs to Slam Slovakia?

  • 24.11
  • 11:47

BRATISLAVA-Slovakia: The world’s largest car producer per person, Slovakia, could be hit hard if U.S. President Donald Trump, carries through with his threat to put a 25 percent tariff (import tax) on autos from the EU, according to the Institute for Financial Policy, a policy forecasting arm of Slovakia’s Finance Ministry.


What U.S. midterm elections mean for Slovakia

  • 16.11
  • 13:37

BRATISLAVA-American voters last week chose a new Congress to check U.S. President Trump’s powers during the second-half of his four-year term. Democrats won control from Republicans over Congress’s lower chamber (the House of Representatives), where they can now exercise some blocking power against Trump’s worst tantrums. Already aggressive on trade, security, climate, and other important international issues, what will America’s midterm elections mean for Slovakia?


Tatra Summit 2018 puts Slovakia center stage of new “innovation economy”

  • 02.11
  • 16:09

BRATISLAVA-Central Europe’s highest peaks served as the site where the continent’s top policymakers and business leaders brainstormed new ideas to better prepare the region for an economy increasingly based on innovation. Today’s resource-constrained world will more than ever depend on smart ideas and new technologies to keep competitive in a global economy.


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